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The three things customers (product teams) come to us for is:

Never lose company knowledge

“We lose knowledge at this company, and it’s creating repetitive research, team calls, and a drain on how much time we have to spend on documentation.”

The core dataset at BB is our call data, we’re the only tool focused on product teams and PMs that use your call data to help with things like documentation, answering company questions, and summarizing information (like calls) at your company.

Actually good call summaries

I know this doesn’t sound unique, but this is iPhone v.s. Blackberry difference in summaries. These are detailed summarizations custom trained on over 15 types of product-related calls. They're good enough to copy-and-paste, without editing. Judge for yourself, sign up, and try it or upload a call. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen.

Helping teams stay aligned w/ auto-updating documentation

What's the latest update on this project? Any blockers? Who's working on what? You'll get the most up-to-date answers to these questions with auto-updating project briefs. For our paid customers, we also custom-train your assistant with everything about your company to better answer questions and write documentation.

What inspired you to start the company

The real inspiration behind starting BuildBetter was a deep-seated desire to improve the product experience. As a product lover myself, I've always believed that a product should reflect the care and thoughtfulness of its creators. However, the reality is that many great product teams often end up delivering less than exceptional products because nearly 75% of their time is spent on operations alone. We saw an opportunity to create a tool that would alleviate these challenges and enable product teams to truly shine.

What’s your elevator pitch?

BuildBetter is a platform designed to empower product teams in an increasingly remote world. By recording, transcribing, and extracting insights from every call, combined with our proprietary retrieval engine and integrations across your product stack, we can use the right data to help make better product decisions faster. This can mean simply generating call summaries to entire project briefs, keeping stakeholders informed, and helping them think through strategy and prioritization.

What is the problem you solve for your customers

We address the soaring operational workload that product teams face in today's remote work environment.

What types of people or companies are a great fit for Build Better? What about a bad fit?

BuildBetter is ideally suited for customer-led tech companies with established customer bases and active product teams operating in remote or hybrid environments. These are typically organizations that are grappling with running a remote product team, embedding the voice of the customer into their product decisions, and wanting to empower their teams to be more customer-centric as they grow.

How do you use generative AI?

We leverage generative AI to create some of the best summaries for calls, write PRDs, documentation, emails, project briefs, and more. But the real magic lies in our proprietary retrieval models that find relevant information among thousands of calls, integrations such as Intercom, Notion, Linear, Slack, and assets within a company, providing the right context to our assistant to generate meaningful content.

What are the most common use cases?

The most common uses for BuildBetter revolve around extracting and utilizing insights from calls, our summaries are bar none. With such good retrieval and summaries, we can help generate incredible project briefs, provide status updates, write PRDs, and create reports. Additionally, our platform is frequently used for finding and discovering information, organizing data into projects, tagging by teams, and integrating data.

Do you have a success story you can share? The more specific ROI focused the better.

Customers frequently report saving up to 1.5 hours per task, such as creating PRDs, no more spending time turning scattered thoughts into structure documentation. Our average customer reports saving around 30 minutes per day using BuildBetter, just with things like call summaries. That equates to a staggering three and a half hours per week per person (gets wild when you factor in teams across the org). Also, we find the impact of making the right decision faster can be immeasurable, especially in today's climate, and we're proud to play a part in that process.

Customer Quotes

“I wrote out a product brief in Notion, very, very detailed. Didn’t use BB in the support of writing UX stories. [Team member] pretty much put the same overarching UX in BB chat (4 sentences) and asked for a detailed breakdown. I kid you not it came out exactly the same. Exact same principle steps with minor style differences naturally. And now I’m kinda pissed I wasted 1.5 hours doing so vs. just putting the same prompt in BB as [Team member] did. ” - Aditya (PM @ Roar Social)

“Mate, it’s insane how calming it is to have BB sit in on meetings. Sometimes I can’t see the red thread/connecting dots in the conversation but when I review the notes, it makes me a bit more sane.” - Tash

“ChatGPT is a parlor game compared to this.” - Tash

“I’m quitting unless [BB] is approved. I wouldn’t work for a company that doesn’t have BB at the center of their operations.” - Tiger Smith (Head of Product)

"I think it's probably one of the most intuitive products I've seen in a while.” (can get name, just need to confirm)

"Congratulations on rolling out an AI product that actually works.” (can get name, just need to confirm)