BB Chat


The chat function is a key feature of BuildBetter that allows you to interact directly with the BuildBetter assistant. This AI-powered assistant is designed to answer your questions, provide insights, and assist with various tasks related to product management and development.


The chat function serves as a quick and effective way to get answers to your questions, seek guidance, and get assistance with tasks. The BuildBetter assistant is capable of providing insights from your call data, helping write documentation, and much more.

How to Use

To use the chat function:

  1. Navigate to the chat view on the right side of the data view.
  2. Select a chat and type your message in the text box at the bottom.
  3. Press enter to send your message to the BuildBetter assistant.

Use Cases

The chat function is useful in numerous scenarios:

  • When you need quick answers to your questions about product management or development.
  • When you need assistance with writing documentation, generating reports, or analyzing data.
  • When you want to search through your call data or extract specific insights.

Common Issues

Users may occasionally encounter issues when the assistant doesn't understand a question or when it doesn't provide the expected information.


If the assistant doesn't understand your question, try rephrasing it or providing more context. If it doesn't provide the expected information, ensure that the necessary data is available and correctly inputted in BuildBetter.


  • Can the chat function access my call data? Yes, the BuildBetter assistant can access your call data to provide insights and assist with tasks.
  • What types of questions can the BuildBetter assistant answer? The assistant can answer a wide range of questions related to product management and development, including those related to documentation, user research, strategy, pricing, and more.


If you need further assistance or have any other issues, please feel free to contact our support team.