BuildBetter for Zoom


Creating User-Interviews

When opening BuildBetter for Zoom within a new call a new user-interview note will automatically be created.


Snippets allow you to log and track something you'd like to remember from a user interview. We automatically create types of snippets: Insights, Quote, Issue, Feature, Idea.

If you'd like to add or change these, you can do so in the main BuildBetter desktop app under settings.


Every new meeting you join or create, will automatically create a new note associated with that meeting. Everything is saved to your personal BuildBetter and is never lost. If you'd like to create a new note outside of a meeting, you can use our main desktop BuildBetter app which you can download in the URL emailed to you.


To access templates, go to the notes UI whether in the main view outside of a meeting or under the notes tab when inside of the meeting. You can create templates in the main BuildBetter desktop app, and access them in the Zoom app or use one of our pre-built templates.


When you open the app you'll be able to see all past and previous user interviews. You can open and edit any interview from the main view UI.


Coming soon..


Coming soon...