Data View (Calls)


Data View is a critical feature in BuildBetter that allows you to view, access, and manage all your call data in one place. This feature provides a high-level overview of all recorded and transcribed calls, making it easy to navigate through your stored information.


The Data View feature is designed to keep your call data organized and easily accessible. It removes the hassle of searching through multiple files or platforms to find specific call information. By providing a comprehensive view of all your calls, it allows for better management and utilization of your call data.

How to Use

To use the Data View feature:

  1. On the BuildBetter main screen, navigate to the Data View section.
  2. Here, you will see a list of all your recorded and transcribed calls.
  3. You can click on each call to view more details, or use the search bar at the top to find specific calls.

Use Cases

The Data View feature is beneficial in several scenarios:

  • When you need to find a specific call quickly.
  • When you want to review the details of a past call.
  • When you need to manage and organize your calls for better workflow.

Common Issues

Users may sometimes have difficulty finding a specific call or may feel overwhelmed by the amount of data displayed.


If you're having trouble finding a specific call, try using the search bar at the top of the Data View section. You can search for calls using keywords, dates, participants, tags, and users. If the amount of data displayed is overwhelming, consider organizing your calls using tags for easier navigation.


  • Can I search for calls using multiple filters? Yes, you can use multiple filters such as dates, participants, tags, and users to narrow down your search.
  • Is there a limit to the number of calls displayed in the Data View?No, all your recorded and transcribed calls will be displayed in the Data View.


If you need further assistance or encounter any other issues, feel free to contact our support team.