Enabling Closed Captioning for your Webex Account

To use BuildBetter with Webex Meetings, you must first enable the Closed Captioning setting in Webex.

Otherwise, you will encounter calls in BuildBetter that display a "Webex Error" message.


Video Guide

Here’s how you enable Closed Captioning in Webex

Enabling closed captioning for your Webex account as described will allow BuildBetter to work with Webex Meetings.

  1. Head to Webex Admin Settings
  2. Sign in to your organizations administrative account
  3. Head to Services → Meetings
  4. Click Settings
  5. image
  6. Scroll down to In meeting
  7. Turn on the following 4 toggles
  8. image

That’s it! Your organization's Webex Meetings will now function properly with the BuildBetter Bot.