Installing BuildBetter for Zoom

Install BuildBetter in Zoom Marketplace

1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace.

3. Click Install or Request pre-approve.


If you see the Request pre-approve option instead that means that your account owner or admin needs to approve the app before it can be installed. Click Request pre-approve to send a request to your owner/admin. To learn more about how to configure pre-approval click here or pre-approving integrations click here.

4. Click Authorize.

5. Click Launch Zoom.

6. Within Zoom, click on "Apps"

7. BuildBetter should show up there to open.

For troubleshooting and more information please visit or contact Zoom here.


To uninstall an app on an account, navigate to the app by going to Manage > Installed Apps > and click Uninstall.

Clicking Uninstall will prompt a confirmation to remove the app. Users have the option to grant or deny permission for the app developer to retain their data. If consent is granted, the data will not be deleted. If permission is not granted, the developer is required to follow the Marketplace Data Compliance requirements and delete the data within 10 days of app removal.


If BuildBetter for Zoomw is preapproved, you can disable preapproved apps by following these instructions.

Configuring pre-approval

To have more control over Integrations used by members of the account, an admin can require pre-approval before they can be installed. The admin can pre-approve apps that are already cleared for use, or members of the account can request approval, which will notify admins of the request.

Note: Pre-approval will be required by default when you create an account. If you do not want apps to be pre-approved before they can be installed by users, you can change your permissions after your account is made.

1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal. 2. In the navigation panel, click Advanced, then App Marketplace. 3. In the top-right corner of the Marketplace, click Manage. 4. In the My Admin Dashboard section, click Permissions. 5. Verify that Require all the apps that are listed on Zoom App Marketplace to be pre-approved is enabled. 6. If the setting is disabled, click the toggle to enable it. If a verification dialog displays, click Turn On to verify the change. 7. (Optional) Check the Exclude apps created by Zoom to exempt Zoom-created apps from pre-approval by an admin. 8. (Optional) Check the Exclude apps created by my account members to exempt apps created by a member of your organization from pre-approval by an admin.

Pre-approving integrations

Owners or admins can search for apps on marketplace and pre-approve them. Once an app is pre-approved, it can be installed by other users on the account.

Note: If you have not approved an app in the App Marketplace, users on your account can request to install the app. If this occurs, you will receive an email from with further details.

1. Sign in to 2. Search for an app and click on the icon to select it. 3. Click the status toggle to pre-approve the app.


You can also review your pre-approved apps and check pre-approval requests from the Manage section.

1. Click Manage. 2. Click Pre-Approved Apps to review a list of apps you have pre-approved.


3. Click App Requests to check pre-approval requests from your users.


Disable Pre-approved Apps

If an admin has pre-approved an app, it can be disabled by navigating to that app in the Marketplace and switching off the Pre-approve setting when needed.

Note: this will disable the app from all users in your account and should only be done if necessary.


To learn more about approvals and permissions please visit Zoom or contact their support here.