In BuildBetter, the Settings section is your control centre. It allows you to manage various aspects of your BuildBetter account, including your company’s organization name, team members, personal profile, and tool integrations.


The settings section provides you with full control over your BuildBetter account. It allows you to customize your usage of BuildBetter to suit your specific requirements and preferences. It also enables you to manage your team members, ensuring a more collaborative experience.

How to Use

To navigate to Settings:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. From the dropdown, select "Settings".

Once in Settings, you'll find the following options:

  • General: Here, you can view and change the company organization's name.
  • Members: This section allows you to view all team members, see who has accepted their invite, and check pending invitations. You can also send new invites from here.
  • Profile: Change your name here.
  • Integrations: This is where you can integrate with various tools like Zoom, Webex, Google Meets, and MS Teams.

Use Cases

The Settings section is crucial for:

  • Managing your team members: Invite new team members, check who has accepted their invite and revoke pending invitations.
  • Customizing your profile: Change your name as displayed in BuildBetter.
  • Integrating with call tools: Connect with Zoom, Webex, Google Meets, and MS Teams for seamless call recording.

Common Issues

You might face issues such as difficulties in finding the Settings section or trouble while integrating with the call tools.


Ensure you're clicking on your profile picture to navigate to the Settings section. If you're facing trouble while integrating with call tools, make sure you're following the correct procedure and entering the right credentials.


  • How can I invite more members to join my team on BuildBetter? You can invite more members by going to the "Members" section under "Settings". You can send new invites from there.
  • Can I change the company's organization name? Yes, you can change the company's organization name under the "General" section in "Settings".


If you need further assistance or encounter any other issues, feel free to contact our support team.